Akhila Labs, LLC

About Us


Meet the leadership team driving our mission to create a world where people are supported to do the best work of their lives. We’re innovators, behavioral scientists, talent management strategists, and consumer product experts that aim to make everlasting change for our members and partners.

100+ years of collective industry experience working with Silicon Valley

Strong Innovativeness - We build technology, we kill technology, to adapt rapidly changing tech world

Technology First - Top to bottom, for everyone...

customer product,code and project are at center

Executive Team

Bhavik Kothari

CEO & VP-Engineering

Deep Shah

VP Sales

Hardik Patel

Chief architect

Dhruv Acharya
Program Manager - Embedded
Being Program Manager with vast experience in delivering Embedded Systems, Dhruv and team delivers engineering excellence, quality, and continuous innovation.
Samir Shah
Program Manager - Software
Being a Master in all areas of Software, Cloud and Applications Engineering, Samir and team support strong integration for Cloud, Mobile and Embedded devices.
Darpan Patel
Sr. Technical Lead
Having previous entrepreneur experience in Internet of Things(IoT), Darpan and team delivers smart experiences to customer's next-gen products.
Rinkal Shah
Human Management
Being strong believer of Human is not a resource, Rinkal Shah applies practical strategies to nurture talent, cultivate a culture of innovation and agility in an increasingly competitive world.