Akhila Labs

Bring your project to Life using deep software innovations on various Silicons. Be it on Linux, FreeRTOS, Yocto, Android or Mbed OS – we have you covered from board-bring to sophisticated applications development.

AkhilaLabs has in-depth expertise in the areas of firmware design for embedded systems development. AkhilaLabs team is expert in end-to-end support for firmware development ranging from system requirements to testing for quality and environment. We have strategic partnerships with many leading technology companies. This allows us to have early access and expertise on the most recent products from these companies, and also consult with product teams for first-hand support. Armed with this experience, our team has delivered faster uptime for various embedded systems development projects and has successfully addressed the inherent limitations of various hardware and embedded devices.

AkhilaLabs offers a complete range of embedded software services to our customers from different industries to achieve faster time to market with lower upfront investment. We tend to increase the performance of your products while maintaining best practices and global standards of embedded software design.

AkhilaLabs provides the entire spectrum of embedded software services which includes embedded system architecture, custom embedded system development, next-gen technology adaption, firmware development services, middleware development, optimisation of embedded application development and usability engineering for GUI design for consumer electronics, IoT and healthcare products.

Embedded Software Services:

Embedded Product Engineering:

➥IoT Cloud & Mobile Agent Integration

➥OTA Programming

➥Customer Reference Design

➥Customer Applications

Board Support Packages:

➥Board bring-up

➥Development & porting of boot loaders & file systems

➥Porting of real-time operating systems

➥Development & porting of device drivers

Firmware Development:

➥Linux, Android OS Customizations

➥FreeRTOS, mBED OS Development

➥Framework development & modifications

➥Embedded Applications



➥BT/BLE, Zigbee, Z-wave

➥LoRA-WAN, Cellular

Silicon Validation Services:

Pre-silicon Validation:

➥Development of validation scenarios on FPGA as well as emulators

➥Closely working with RTL designers & verification team for creating scenarios to  ensure that corner cases are covered

➥Creation of validation framework

➥Working with continuously changing RTL specs

➥Validation of the FPGA images, debugging & defect tracking

Post-silicon Validation:

➥Silicon bring up

➥Updating pre-silicon test cases for SoC

➥Development of diagnostics

➥Porting operating systems on SoC

Reference Application Development:

➥Creation of demo applications for the customers

➥Providing customer-specific scenarios

Platform Interfaces Expertise:



➥802.11 (A/B/G/N)

➥802.11 AC






➥Bluetooth 4.0 LE

➥Bluetooth classic








➥Compact Flash






➥VPSS (VPBE, VPFE, Resizer, OSD, Previewer)


➥CMOS sensor

➥Optical sensor















➥Touch screen



➥DMA Engines

➥Interrupt Controller