Akhila Labs at CES 2024

January 9-12, 2024, Las Vegas, NV

CES is one of the largest and most significant event if you want to keep up with the latest innovations in electronics and technology.

Akhila Labs visits CES to demonstrate the most innovative work team has been working on from past few years with our customers and partners, which will be the benchmark for the coming year. This is inline to keeping legacy of working more than 15 years world wide, celebrating the most innovative work we do, working with Silicon base innovations.

Trends, working prototypes, non-standard technological solutions — you can see all these tech novelties with your own eyes here. It is enormously beneficial for one who wants to convert their latest ideas into reality.


CES 2023 Innovation Award Product Developers

Our customer WON the CES 2023 Honoree Award last year by successful launched of the product to the market!


CES Demo(s)

CES is a once-a-year platform where we reveal our latest and greatest work done past year, and to be innovated in new year.

Checkout what we're demonstrating at CES 2024.

Smart Health Ring

Baby Monitor through Reliable Breath Monitoring

AI Driven Chat Agent and Person's Voice Morphing

OpenWRT Triple Encryption Private Channel

with Touch

Akhila Flex Updates

IoT Hub with multi-RF connectivity & Sensors integration

SaaS Cloud for Hotel and Restaurant Management

Hardware & Product Test Automation Platforms

Connectivity alliance - Matter demo

Engineering Services and Teams

Akhila Labs Offshore Hardware, Software and Artificial Intelligence teams are ready to supercharge your product design needs – whatever it may be.

Akhila Labs ready-to-use solutions accelerates your product idea to reality in no time with proven platforms used across multiple products.

Get a FREE integration to your existing product in 3-WEEKS with AkhilaFlex.


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